For many years different General Managers in all Professional Sports have been asked the same question. Do they draft for need or simply pick the best available player?

Should you pick the best point guard available in basketball because your team could really use a point guard, or pick the best overall player?  Should you take the top outside linebacker to fill a hole on your football team or take the best player?  

The same philosophy can apply to hiring managers in technology companies.

The team needs a player with a certain skill to add to the team – perhaps a specific technology the company is short on at that time, or a functional area the consulting team is weak in. But when candidates arrive, the best candidates are often not adept in the particular area or skill needed at that moment.

At Visibility we look for the best player.  We seek flexibility and an ability to learn.  We focus on energy, attitude and enthusiasm.  Good people can learn skills, but someone adept at a given skill but lacking in attitude or enthusiasm are usually not good long term choices. So we take the best available player.

Surround yourself with good musicians and you will make good music.  John Lennon once said “I’m an artist, give me a tuba and I’ll get something out of it.”  In the software world, as in many other areas, people skills are most important.

Here at Visibility the best available in technology are creating one of the best ERP solutions out there, to learn more about product and the team that builds it click here

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