Don't Let Your ERP Provider "Ghost" You

By: Kassi Burke

Halloween weekend is just days away so we thought we’d have some fun on the blog. While spooky ghosts on Halloween can be a treat, having an ERP provider ghost you (aka disappear) after the sales process is definitely a trick! Here are our tips on how to choose an ERP provider that won’t ghost you (and will be at your service many years after the sales process is through).

We’ve heard the story many times – you’re in the midst of your ERP search process and the sales representative can’t do enough to keep you, the potential customer, happy; then the minute you’ve gone live (or perhaps even earlier) the ERP provider is nowhere to be found. You’ve been ghosted!

We most often hear this situation when talking about the big ERP providers. Here’s why:

  • Many big ERP providers use resellers and consultants to sell their software. So they might make big promises during the sales process that they can’t keep because they don’t even work for the ERP provider.
  • They have many, many customers. And while sometimes this can be a positive (lots of experience), this can also mean you are left talking to an automated robot when you need a bug fixed or another question answered.
  • They have nothing to lose. Right behind you is another customer so if an implementation fails, it’s not the end of the world. Small and mid-size ERP customers need to ensure that every implementation is a success because their reputation depends on it.

To prevent a ghosting situation, be sure to do your due diligence during the sales process. Ask for references before signing a contract to see how the customer-vendor relationship may have changed pre and post-contract. You may also want to consider adding more small and mid-size vendors to your prospective list. With small and mid-size providers you will receive more one-on-one attention. This means talking to an actual person when you put in a support call. And having your account manager check-in with you periodically to make sure you’re maximizing your return on investment.

Lastly, once you settle on an ERP vendor that you love, don’t be a ghost to them either. There are many ways you can engage with your ERP provider to make the most of the relationship. Attend your ERP vendor’s annual conference to network with other customers and your ERP vendor’s employees. Stay up to date on the latest version of the system. Read release notes so you don’t miss any enhancements being added to the system. And let your account manager know what direction you’d like to see the ERP product go in!

At Visibility, every customer is our top priority. If you’ve been ghosted by another ERP vendor, reach out to us here and get a free demo. And from the Visibility Team, Happy Halloween!

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