Beat the Winter Blues With Your ERP Vendor's Conference

By Kassi Burke

Winter is nearly over, but still dragging on. For anyone experiencing weather like us in the northeast, you are likely ready for some sunny days and warmer temps. One of the best ways to beat the late winter blues is by booking your trip to VCC 2020Not only will you get to soak up the San Diego sunshine, but you will also benefit from the many advantages of attending your ERP vendor’s annual conference.  

Top Three Benefits of Attending ERP Vendor Conference 

“Free” Consulting 

Although attendees must pay the registration fee to attend an ERP vendor’s conference (which primarily covers the facilities and food and beverage costs)when you compare the cost of onsite consulting versus the cost of attending a conference, the consulting offered during the conference can almost be considered “free”. Attendees at Visibility’s annual conference have access to two full days of educational sessions, open product lab time, and one-on-one consulting appointments.  

Renewed Enthusiasm for Product and Project 

Attendees tend to leave an ERP conference with a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the ERP system they use or are implementing. Although this is an intangible benefit of attending an ERP conference, it is an invaluable one as the excitement and enthusiasm lasts way beyond the actual conference. This renewed enthusiasm might inspire you to make better use of the system by brushing up on best practices, investing in a business assessmentor adding on a new module. 

Networking Opportunities 

Another tangible benefit of attending your vendor’s ERP conference that has great value is the opportunity to network with both your ERP vendor’s employees as well as other customers like you. At Visibility’s annual conference we offer several educational sessions led by customers so that other customers can learn from the many unique ways customers are using the product. There are also many social opportunities to network from evening events to coffee breaks to daytime meals.  


Give yourself something to look forward to this winter by saving your spot at your ERP vendor’s conference! Have questions? Contact us today.  

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