April Showers Bring May Flowers

By: Katie Foley

Even the most irritating things, like April showers, can bring the most enjoyable things, like the blooming, colorful flowers of May. The same can be said for the dreaded implementation phase of a new ERP system. Let’s dive into why the results of a successful implementation are worth the process!  

Your Employees Will Thank You 

Ever hear the saying “happy wife, happy life”? Same goes for your employees! Happy employees create a positive work culture. A positive work culture means attracting and retaining better talent, decreasing employee stress, and achieving higher rates of productivity. Are your employees frustrated by wasting time on manual processes that could be automatedWhether they are using an outdated legacy ERP system or spreadsheets and workarounds, they deserve a modern, easy-to-use ERP solution. Investing in a new ERP solution will show your employees that you care about their quality of life in the office and your business will benefit from this boost in morale.  

More Money in Your Pocket 

Investing in an ERP solution is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Many companies see an ROI within the first year of using a top ERP solution. With automated invoices and accounting tools, ERP systems leave little room for error in your finances. You’ll also be able to track and manage labor costs, inventory, and products with an effective ERP system, so you won’t be left guessing and estimating anymore. More revenue is worth the financial and time investment that goes into an ERP project.  

Higher Data Security  

Many ERP systems include dedicated security resources to ensure that your data is safe and secure. While we can’t say the same for all providers, Visibility has the highest standards for managing security and access, protecting your company's data from potential threats. You may choose an on-premise or cloud-based deployment based on your security needs – learn more about some of the differences here.  

Overall Business Improvements 

There are endless benefits of an updated ERP system that make an implementation worth itbut the main goal is to gain insight into your business from quote to cash flowAutomate manual and routine tasks, streamline operations on the shop floor, get real-time data accessible to all departments, reduce bottlenecks, effectively forecast inventory and costs - these are just a few reasons a new solution is beneficial. 


You shouldn’t let the thought of the implementation process scare you from investing in a new ERP solution. While many companies offer month-, or even year-long implementations, Visibility has a proven methodology to have you fully implemented and running in just 4-6 months! Is now the time to get visibility into your business?

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