My name is Dave Sackett and I am a customer who uses V9.5.  I have helped my company, ULVAC Technologies, Inc., by implementing ERP to solve a variety of issues.

I am glad to report that the ERP partnership between Visibility and ULVAC Technologies, Inc. is still going strong. I would absolutely make the switch again to, if given the choice. The overall conversion was a very well-organized plan. My current strategy is to help bring in new Visibility customers to help add functionality to all of users; including us. I will be calling by the nickname Vis in this post to make it easier. One thing we added to Vis for everyone was the Sales Meeting Tracker functionality . It is a CRM feature to allow Vis users to keep meeting minutes in Vis. I am impressed to see the software expand from an already high level of functionality to meet the needs of new and existing customers.   

I am flattered by the opportunity to share my company’s experiences with software by showing other Vis users how we use the system to meet our specific needs. I planning to present two presentations at the Visibility User Conference in Orlando, FL in April 2016. The first presentation will be on how we have had success to get Visibility software to connect to our shipping company’s database. We are now able to push details from Vis to the shipping company database and to pull data from the shipping company database to populate Vis data fields. This has saved time and has eliminated data entry errors (e.g. shipment tracking numbers).

The second presentation is how we have incorporated work flows into our paperless AP Expense process. Our Vis users can enter their expense reports in Vis and upload the receipts to the proper report. We use User-Defined Fields (UDFs), to trigger the work flows to alert people to action to either book the trip or to approve the report. This particular presentation will be an update to my first presentation a couple of years ago on paperless AP to include the new functionality.   

I work for a Japanese-owned company called ULVAC, Inc. and their stock symbol/number is 6728 on the Nikkei.  I am looking to network with other people who also work for Japanese-owned companies. We helped Visibility with feedback to make sure that large quantities of Japanese Yen could be calculated properly. I am still amazed that we finally have a multi-currency system with Visibility that works the way we need it to work.

If you would like to learn more about how I uses Vis, please contact me as I am also a customer reference for Vis.

I have had an interest in Japanese culture prior to working for ULVAC. One particular philosophy I have a connection to is the SAKURA, or Japanese cherry blossom. The flower symbolizes life by being both beautiful and delicate; which tragically lasts for only a brief time. It reminds me to live in the present and to enjoy life before it is too late.  


Want to learn more about the ERP partnership between Visibility and ULVAC Technologies?

Check out this video testimonial on Visibility Business Intelligence

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