3 Signs It's Time to Invest in a New ERP System

By Johnny Nugent 

An effective ERP system is one that operates reliably and efficiently in the background of an organization and many companies do find just such a system. As their business continues to grow however, their current ERP may begin to exhibit signs of deteriorating performance.

Over time, it may become unable to keep up with both their internal corporate growth as well as external changes, namely in the field of information technology. In this post, we will outline 3 key signs to look for when organizations are evaluating whether or not their current ERP system is still a good fit for them.

Client Support

A successful organization is one that understands providing outstanding customer support is essential to their own ability to remain in business. If a company's current ERP system is a direct cause of sliding customer service levels, it is definitely time to evaluate other ERP systems on the market.

Even if an organization's current ERP software is performing "well enough", those companies seeing significant rates of growth in their client base will soon want to determine if an easy upgrade is available for their current ERP software. If not, in the not so distant future, it's fairly obvious these organizations will quickly fall behind in their ability to offer the high levels of customer service and support they desire.

User Support

An effective ERP system should allows users to quickly and efficiently interact with the system so they can focus on performing their primary work duties. If users are finding it more and more challenging to use their ERP software because of functional limitations, it decreases their level of productivity along with increasing their frustration levels.

In some cases, users may be forced to resort to accomplishing tasks by working outside of the ERP application, essentially rendering the software almost useless. A truly functioning and useful ERP system will easily integrate with 3rd party software, thus increasing productivity and efficiency levels by allowing users to seemingly use only one system.  

Keeping up with Technology 

The field of information technology is in a continual state of growth. In fact, with the advent of AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, smart devices, etc. the pace of growth in the field will likely become even faster with every passing year, at least in the near future. Unfortunately for some companies, their current vendor has become complacent.

Rather than embracing any of the barrage of new technologies available, they simply focus on maintaining their current level of software. If a company's current ERP software does not support even basic newer technologies such as mobile functionality, it's a fairly clear warning signal for organizations who want to grow and expand by embracing some of the incredibly exciting newer technologies available.

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