24x7 Shop Floor Labor Collection

VisMobile Labor

Through VisMobile, employee time can be collected on a real time basis. VisMobile is intended to address the needs of manufacturing shop floors with the necessity to control Employee-Badge and Time-Clock data entry in a multi-shift 24x7 environment.

This solution lets shop floor employees enter their time directly into Visibility ERP through the use of a barcode scanner. It provides shop users with the ability to perform keyboard-less labor entries.

What Does VisMobile Labor Help Improve?

VisMobile Labor provides manufacturers with the ability to track their actual job costs by directly tracking the labor of each work order. It also allows for simplified labor tracking through barcoding which removes the need for handwritten or manual labor entry processes, thereby improving efficiency in tracking time and reducing manual errors.

Automate Labor Management

VisMobile Labor includes features designed to make labor management less laborious. We support attendance, time sheet, and time-clock methods. In addition, VisMobile Labor includes supervisor approval functionality and provides automated notifications for early/late attendance. It offers serial-mode (single job at a time) and concurrent-mode options to accommodate the varied needs of manufacturers. 

Shifts of varying hours can be setup within VisMobile Labor to accommodate the 24x7 manufacturing environment and better track employees. VisMobile Labor provides automated supervisor clock-out all functionality, automated generation of holiday charges, and supervisor correction functionality. Lunch and other breaks can be set up within the system for any and all shifts and employees.

Increased Accuracy of Labor Entries

By collecting labor through barcoding, the risk of human error is dramatically reduced, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of labor records.

Visibility into Job Costs and Employee Productivity

Many manufacturers can’t identify their actual job costs or measure the productivity of shop floor employees. With VisMobile Labor you can do both. Set up time and production time can be measured accurately with VisMobile Labor along with indirect gap time charges between jobs.

Employee arrivals, departures, and start and end times can be monitored and measured accurately and then analyzed to ensure any attendance or productivity issues are identified and shop floor productivity is optimized.

Employee Satisfaction

Simple barcode tracking of labor allows your employees to focus on their work, not on recording their time through manual processes.

Why Choose VisMobile Labor?

  1. Manage and track attendance (shift) clock-in/out.
  2. Allows serial-mode (single-job-at-a-time) job clock-in/out.
  3. Automated "snap-to-paid-time" adjustments for attendance clock-in/out.
  4. Automated generation of indirect charges for "between-jobs-gap-time."
  5. Automated notifications for early/late attendance clock-in/out.
  6. Automated generation of holiday charges.
  7. Automated supervisor clock-out-all function.
  8. Automated supervisor correction function.
  9. Supports attendance, timesheet, and time-clock methods as well as supervisor approval functionality via standard Visibility ERP timesheet forms.

Have Questions About VisMobile Labor?

If you would like more information about VisMobile Labor or have questions about how it will best fit into your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us online or give us a call at 978-269-6500.

Worker with Bar Code Scanner