Top 5 Reasons to Attend Your ERP Vendor’s Annual Conference  

By Katie Foley  


Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, we’ve seen a shift in the workplace towards more remote work as an option. While there are benefits of having a better work-home life balance, there are also many benefits of getting that face-to-face time in the workplace.  

As we are in the midst of preparing for our 2023 customer conference, one question we get from time to time is ‘are conferences worth attending?’ We may be biased, but we always answer this question with a resounding YES. Sure, conferences cost time and money to attend, but the return on investment from attending an in-person conference is often tenfold.  

Zoom meetings are great, but it’s important to make the time to get out there to network and learn in person especially in this post-pandemic world we are living in. Here are the top 5 reasons to attend your ERP vendor’s annual conference:  

Why ERP Conferences Are Worth Attending  

  • Networking With Your ERP Company’s Experts and Other Customers.  

Attending your ERP vendor’s conference offers you the opportunity to engage with your ERP vendor’s experts and perhaps more importantly other ERP customers like you! It’s a nice opportunity for ERP employees to put ‘face to a name’ when they get to interact with customers in person. The annual Visibility Customer Conference (VCC) offers many opportunities to learn from other customers, including customer-led educational sessions, roundtable discussions, mealtimes, coffee breaks, and evening events. We consistently get feedback from customers that the chance to learn from other customers who might be experiencing the same thing with their ERP system is one of the best parts of the conference.  

  • Getting One-on-One Consulting Time.  

VCC offers you the chance to schedule one-on-one consulting appointments in advance. Consulting fees whether virtual or in person can add up, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of essentially free consulting. When our Visibility experts are not scheduled for a formal one-on-one consulting appointment, you can usually find them at meals and breaks squeezing in as much time with our customers as they can.  

  • Brushing Up on ERP Best Practices.  

Conferences are the perfect way to ensure you are up to date on your ERP system’s best practices. We find that many times, our customers go live and have grand plans to expand their use of the system, but it never comes to fruition. Your ERP vendor’s might be sending out release notes or new releases that slip through the cracks and before you know it, you’re not making best use of the system anymore. The educational and collaborative sessions are a great way to make sure you know the latest best practices for your ERP solution. We often find that our customers leave the conference with a renewed enthusiasm for making best use of their ERP systems.  

  • Engaging in Roundtable Discussions.  

Visibility offers collaborative roundtable discussion sessions as part of our annual customer conference. Like networking with other customers, this is a unique opportunity to share your thoughts with both Visibility experts and fellow customers. We use customer suggestions to drive the enhancement of the system so don’t miss out on your chance to have your voice heard.  

  • Having Some Fun!  

It’s okay to have a little fun at work events too! At Visibility, we try our best to pick a geographic location that offers something fun for everyone. In May 2023, we will be going to Clearwater Beach, FL for our annual customer conference because who doesn’t like the beach, sunshine, and warm weather? We also always host an onsite Welcome Reception on the first night of our conference and an offside Evening Event on the second night. We know our customers always appreciate a night of great food and drinks at a special venue.  


Whether you are a Visibility customer or a customer of another ERP vendor, we hope this list will encourage you to attend your solution’s next customer conference. From experience, we find that once customers start to attend the conference, they become return customers and attend year after year after year as they can see the great value in attending.  

There’s something for everyone at VCC and we hope you will consider joining us in May in Clearwater Beach. 

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