Tiger's Back on Track - Is Your Business?

By: Johnny Nugent

This past weekend was one of the most exciting in recent memory for the world of golf. On Sunday afternoon, Tiger Woods made a charge for the lead of the 100th PGA Championship. He ultimately fell 2 shots shy of Brooks Koepka, the winner of the tournament, but this weekend was all about Tiger.

Woods walked onto the course on Sunday with swagger, wearing a backwards hat and sunglasses, perhaps an indication we might get a chance at seeing some vintage Tiger (we did). Tiger didn't hit his first fairway on Sunday until the 10th hole. In an interview following Sunday's round, he explained that he had difficulty with his warm up, hitting the ball left and right and struggling to pick a side. By the back 9 though, something "clicked" and Tiger dominated the course, shooting a 64, his lowest score in the final round of a major ever. The crowds following Tiger were huge and pandemonium broke out with each shot he hit. Many of the announcers said it was the loudest golf event they had experienced. I watched from Nashville International Airport as crowds in the airport dozens of people deep huddled around every available TV to watch the drama unfold and cheer loudly as if they were at Bellerive

Tiger's struggles early on Sunday and his post-round comments about hitting the ball left and right and struggling to pick a side got me thinking about the struggles many of the manufacturing companies we encounter are experiencing. While they may not be hitting the ball left and right in a major golf tournament, they often aren't hitting KPI's (or don't use KPI's), missing deadlines, holding too much inventory, lacking automation of business processes, improperly using their ERP system, or growing complacent in accepting the workarounds they've created to run their business.

Of course these companies can hope things will eventually "click" like they did for Tiger on the back 9 on Sunday and that many of their problems will be resolved, but that doesn't happen overnight or without a willingness to actively seek solutions to the issues they are facing. Figuring out where to start taking action when problems are mounting can be overwhelming. Often times the best place to start is with a business process assessment by experts who know manufacturing and ERP. These kinds of assessments allow manufacturing companies to not only understand how their business currently functions but also how their company could function more efficiently with better technology and processes. VISIBILITY has a team of experts dedicated to providing business assessments. If you're interested in a business assessment for your organization, please contact us by clicking below. 

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