Capgemini recently predicted that mobile payments (including app purchases, in store purchases using mobile phones, and e-commerce) will grow a staggering 60% in 2015 alone!  Make no mistake; the mobile payment revolution is already upon us.

Although most of our customers sell to other manufacturers and other businesses, all of us are affected by the new technology.  Google, Samsung, and Apple have all embraced mobile payment technology and offer it in their latest mobile devices.   Newer security, fingerprint scans, encrypted data communication techniques all are geared to address the problem of identity theft that has been perpetuated through online buying increases in recent years.

So how will this impact manufacturers moving forward?  And what about software companies?  Certainly retailers and all companies that sell to consumers need to account for the fact that more and more consumers will insist upon mobile payments in the next year or two.   Software companies need to look at being compliant with technology such as NFC which allows devices with NFC chips to transfer small amounts of data to perform much the same way as swiping a credit card.

More importantly, every one of us as consumers will be impacted – we will carry less cash, need fewer credit cards, and feel safer about our transaction security.

At Visibility we are always looking at new trends in technology and determining how it could impact us, how it will impact our customers, and how our products such as ERP software can anticipate these trends.  Things like mobile apps for purchasing, field service, and even sales can be considered for taking advantage of NFC and similar mobile technologies.

The mobile payment revolution is upon us.  And we need to be agile enough to anticipate its future possibilities and accepting enough to adapt and adopt.  Technology is evolving at a pace never seen before and agile companies will be the ones to thrive in this environment.

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