Recently, Visibility donated to The Independence Fund, a non-profit that helps wounded soldiers gain back their independence. In the process, I had the honor of speaking to a volunteer who just so happened to also be a recipient of a Track Chair made possible through The Independence Fund and the donations they receive.

In telling me his story, he made me realize that being in a wheel chair not only poses the obvious challenges and obstacles, but also some most of us don’t even think about;  going to child’s outdoor sporting events, walking through the woods and camping just to name few.  His poignant words brought to life and put a name and face to something I’m embarrassed to admit I had not given much thought to. Those men and women that serve our country and are lucky enough to make it home, don’t all come home in the same physical condition that they went in with… They not only selflessly give up time  building careers and spending time with family and friends for the sake of our Freedom, in a lot of cases they give up much more.

Initially, Visibility wanted to donate Track Chairs to local veterans.  However, I was told that would only be possible if veterans from our area signed up (filled out an application) with the Independence Fund.   It seems the news, although great, has not spread to all in need.

The Track Chairs provided through the Independence Fund give disabled veterans the opportunity to be mobile, anywhere, anytime. As anyone reading this knows, that sort of independence and “mobility” is invaluable. 

I challenge you all to participate. To spread the word and/or to donate whatever you can towards giving back the ability to be mobile to those that gave it up in defending our way of life. 

Check out The Independence Fund at

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