Manufacturing entities are continually evolving their service delivery procedures to adapt to the current requirements of particular industries. One of the strategies that manufacturers consider adopting is paperless operations, by investing in ERP software to save on time and cost as well. As such, several telltale signs suggest it is time to go paperless.


Here are some of the things that indicate that it might be time to go paperless: 

Poor Decision Making

One of the challenges of opting to use paper records in manufacturing activities is that you lack the advantage of accessing the insight you need to make proper decisions. The reason is that it takes time to compile the data you need, and mining that information to put it into meaningful use in your operations is a taxing process as well.

Additionally, failure to make the right decision at the right time in manufacturing operations may cause your business to suffer severe losses. So, if you want to surmount the inefficiencies of relying on paper records in manufacturing, and to enhance your ability to make better decisions at the right time, going paperless is the best option. 

Challenges in Locating Documents

If your staff spend countless hours every day trying to locate particular documents from various filing cabinets, your business is losing a lot of man hours each day. Additionally, the essence of using filing cabinets is to ensure safe storage of files and easy retrieval of necessary documents.

On the contrary, using file cabinets is sometimes a constant cause of frustration and some of the things that may cause this include misfiling of documents, or when a colleague fails to return a specific file in the cabinet. So, considering an ERP solution is an excellent idea because it will help you record and search all documents electronically.

Dissatisfied Customers

Establishing strong relationships with customers results in successful business operations. Therefore, if the process of fulfilling client orders takes longer than necessary due to the time it takes to process paper documents, it will discourage long-term relationships with various customers. In that case, you have no option but to go paperless as a manufacturer with ERP to recapture the loyalty of your clients. 

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