This decision is dependent on the company’s budget, capabilities, and preferences. Cloud based erp allows the ERP system to be hosted on the vendor’s servers. On-Premise requires that you own and maintain servers onsite to host the software.



Currently, there are three options for how you own and deploy your solution: two cloud based options, Hosted and Managed Cloud (SaaS), as well as On-Premise.
  1. Managed Cloud. Managed Cloud is for customers that want to take advantage of on a subscription basis. The deployment runs in Visibility’s secure, robust cloud-based data center. Managed services and support are included in the subscription.
  2. Hosted. Hosted is for manufacturers that want to own their license but take advantage of a hosted cloud deployment. Customers purchase a perpetual license of and those licenses are then hosted by Visibility.
  3. On-Premise. Premise is for customers that want to run software in their own data center – either directly on servers or in a private cloud. Manufacturers purchase a perpetual license and annual support contract.

So what's the right choice for your manufacturing operation? Here are some of the pros of choosing a cloud based solution versus an on-premise solution.

Cloud Based Benefits:

  • Affordable. Get a low monthly subscription that gives you more budgeting flexibility. You will save on both the technology and staff required to maintain servers in-house.

  • Latest Technology. Have the latest version all of the time through automatic upgrades from our technical staff.

  • Peace of Mind. There's no need to install software updates, maintain servers, or back up your own data. There's a 100% network uptime guarantee. 

On-Premise Benefits:

  • Long-Term Cost. Although the upfront cost of the software licenses and necessary hardware will be higher than the low monthly subscription cost of a cloud solution, over time these two costs will converge and if you are planning on being a long-term user of the system it will payoff to host on-premise down the line. 
  • Data Security Control. Although we adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to keeping our customer's data secure, some manufacturers may have more peace of mind having data security in their own hands rather than in the ERP vendor's hands. 
  • Overall Control. When you host the software in house on your own servers, much more control comes along with that - control over maintaining the server, control over backing up the software, control over performing software updates to name a few. While this puts a lot of responsibility on the manufacturer's technical staff's shoulders, for some manufacturers it is very important to have this control. 

Both our cloud based and on-premise solutions offer all of the functionality of, it just comes down to considering your ERP project's budget, technical staff man power, and whether you prefer to have more control over the system versus the peace of mind of leaving that control in the ERP vendor's hands. Learn more about our SaaS and hosting services here or check out our infographic on Selecting an ERP System by clicking below. 


Infographic Download: "Selecting an ERP System"

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