A customer reference check is one of the most important steps in selecting an ERP system. You may think that a customer reference is a waste of time because of course the vendor would set you up with a happy customer. However, a reference call or visit can provide a lot of useful information and customers are usually very honest during these calls. 


First, it’s a good idea to get some background information on the customer reference. How big is the company? How long have they been in business? Are they in the same industry as you? At Visibility, we try to set up our prospective customers with other customers in the same field so that their businesses have the most in common. An onsite customer reference visit can also be very useful when there is another customer in the same geographic area as the prospective customer. 

Next, it’s wise to discuss the customer’s own ERP search process. How did they find this ERP product? What other ERP products were considered? What made them choose this ERP product in the end?

Then, it’s time to dive into the customer’s satisfaction with the product. Here are some important questions to address during your reference call or visit.

  1. Did you implement the same product we are considering? Do you utilize all of the modules or just some? Did you purchase any add-ons? Did you require any customization work to be done?
  2. How long did the implementation take from start to finish? Was this what you had anticipated?
  3. Did they get you live on the system within your budget?
  4. Who did you work with from the vendor for your implementation? Were they easy to work with?
  5. What was the implementation project’s impact on your staff?
  6. What problems have you had with the software and/or vendor?
  7. Are you satisfied with the software and service you’ve received?
  8. How is the support? Is it what you expected?
  9. Would you choose this software vendor again?
  10. Any advice for us as we make our decision? Things to avoid? Recommendations?

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Check out our infographic on Selecting an ERP System – we walk you through all the steps that go into making an ERP decision from researching vendors to signing contracts.


Infographic Download: "Selecting an ERP System"



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