Project manufacturers require management information to insure timely delivery and an on-time, on-budget outcome.




Project manufacturers also require speed and fiscal timeliness of their project managers and financial managers to ensure no delays or financial obstacles. There are many critical aspects to each project which managers must be on top of. Examples like project, customer, status, time and costs. Using these dimensions, several measures need to be viewed to include actual and estimated hours and costs along with other data.  

So how do you get from A to B? How do you get this rich, highly valuable information so that you can optimize your manufacturing business performance? The answer often lies in a solid project accounting Business Intelligence platform. This platform would allow for viewing and analysis of key data collected as you manage a particular project. It allows you to analyze what is driving the business by providing information in very natural delivery vehicles like cross tab, pie charts and line graph reports. The solution allows you to explore multi-dimensional information by navigating through increasing levels of detail, then simply slice and dice the data to view different dimensions of the selected data.

A good platform allows for the analysis of data contained in existing business applications and other data sources, allowing analysis of:

Screen_Shot_2015-07-02_at_11.29.13_AMAttaining this optimal business performance for Project Accounting Manufacturers is quite simple. The process includes identifying the critical information needs, extracting and transforming the data into relevant facts, dimensions and measures and then delivering the reports, metrics and KPI’s to review these new consistent metrics.

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