I entered the wonderful world of parenthood almost one year ago in June 2017. While on the face parenthood and ERP seem to have nothing in common, after some sleep deprived nights you can start to see some similarities! There are many ERP modules that could simplify my day-to-day life as a new mom so I thought I would start a series of blogs on the various modules as they relate to parenthood. First up, inventory control…


Diapers- check! Wipes- check! Formula- oh no, we’re out of formula! No parent wants to be doing the midnight drive around town to search for that one type of formula that agrees with your baby’s tummy and taste buds.  With the inventory control module, I could keep track of my inventory and associated costs. I could set reminders to order items when they reach a certain level. This would ensure that I have all of the necessary baby supplies in stock and that I am ordering them at the best prices at all times.

This module is critical for make-to-order manufacturers. If they don’t have a particular part stocked in inventory when it’s time to start the project, it usually means more than a midnight stop at Target or CVS to get the part. Ordering the part could delay the project by days, weeks, maybe even months depending on the specificity of the part and would likely result in an unsatisfied customer.  Having to order a part at the last minute also means that you won’t be able to shop around for the best price and will result in making a smaller profit in the end. 

The inventory control module can also keep track of which warehouse an item is stocked in. While I might only keep my baby supplies stocked in two closets in the house, many manufacturers have huge stockrooms in multiple warehouses – the inventory control module can identify where the part is stocked down to the exact bin saving the manufacturer time and money.

While inventory control would be a nice add-on module if there was some sort of ERP system for parents, it’s absolutely crucial when it comes to a manufacturer’s ERP system as inventory is at the heart of every single manufacturing project. Click here to learn more about Visibility’s inventory control module.



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