You know what, I travel a lot for my job. I always have and I kind of have it down to a science. On nights where I have just arrived in a new city, I am tired, have a good bit of work to do and am not really too interested in dining out, I often consider room service like many weary travelers do.

But on this particular night, having just arrived in Dublin, I read the room service menu at the Dublin City Centre HIlton and nothing is really floating my boat. Fish and chips, Irish beef burger, Caesar salad, potato and leek soup, etc. I am sure it would all be fine but looking at the lateness of the hour and 10 Euro tray charge, I just decided that I needed something simple and comforting. So in less than a minute, I have placed an online order for a medium Domino's hot and spicy pizza. I know, not the healthiest of choices, but what you get with Dominos is consistency, convenience and reasonable prices. On this particular night, it's what actually did float my boat!

Half hour later, pizza arrives and I tuck into it while watching Brazil play Switzerland in the 2018 FIFA World Cup from Russia. I eat about half the pizza and set it on the small table in my hotel room. I take the following picture.



 I don't know why, but I was really struck with this slogan. "Only 100% Mozzarella".  What was the Dominos marketing department trying to convey? Does Pizza Hut use 75% Mozzarella? What about Papa Johns, where do they stand on the purity of their cheese? As a mid-sized business, I suspect that said marketing team at Dominos may well rival Visibility's in terms of size and likely budget too. But our small team turns out some great content and is turning Visibility into a modern ERP brand. This is not your father's ERP! Oh no, this is vibrant and fun ERP. So I got to thinking about this Dominos slogan and how it might apply to our business.

No pizza can be "too" cheesy. So that is the simple message that they are sending our way. Only 100% mozzarella. Completely brilliant!

Well guess what, here at Visibility we are Only 100% Manufacturing ERP. So simple and yet so true. It's all we do! We don't do retail, banking, healthcare, hospitality or professional services. We do 100% Manufacturing ERP, that's it! Our customers appreciate our pure focus and the level of customer intimacy that comes with it. You want 100% mozzarella cheese, you order Dominos. You want 100% manufacturing ERP, you order Visibility 2018!

Enough about ERP software, I am hungry, I think I will order a pizza!

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