New Year, New ERP Goals

By Kassi Burke 

As you were ringing in 2020 just a few days ago, there was probably some discussion around New Year’s resolutions. You might have heard things like “I want to lose weight”, “I want to save money”, or “I want to eat healthier”; just to name a few of the most common New Year’s resolutions out there.  

What if we took this desire to spark positive change into our professional lives this year? The New Year is the perfect time to reflect and make improvements both in every facet of your life. Here we will look at some ERP resolutions and goals to consider for 2020. 

Decide if it’s Time for “Phase 2” of Your Implementation  

Many times, ERP customers go into an implementation with a long wish list of ERP functionality and customizations they wish to have. This wish list often gets paired down to a “need” list vs. a “would be nice to have list” when it’s time to go live. So, if you’re one of the customers who prioritized your “need” list and has not had time to get to your “would be nice to have list” maybe its time to reach out to your ERP vendor to start a phase 2 implementation. The best part about phase 2 implementations is that all the important stuff is already up and running so you can relax more when it comes to this next stage.  

Invest in a Business Assessment 

Let’s say you’re an ERP customer that knows you have not been making best use of the system, but you do not know exactly how to go about making changes. This is the perfect opportunity for a business assessment, where an ERP expert will come onsite and examine your business processes and how yourare making use of the ERP system. Following the visit, you will receive notes on what the expert observed, where you are losing efficiency and productivityand how to make better use of the ERP software.  

Brush Up on Best Practices 

What if you have everything you want in an ERP system and make efficient use of the system? Is there still an ERP resolution out there for you? Of course! You can always take the time to stay on top of best practices.  

ERP vendors are always making enhancements to the system that you can stay informed of by reading release notes when a new version is released. Another great way to brush up on best practices is to attend your ERP vendor’s conference to learn what you might be missing out on from both the ERP vendor and fellow customers that may have unique ways to use the system to share with you.  

These are just some of the ways to maximize your ERP investment in 2020 and beyond 

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