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By: Scott Cranford

Visibility - Yeah, we love our name too! What do we hear the most when learning about the business system needs of mid-size and large manufacturing companies? I need more Visibility! Seriously, they are asking for visibility. Well, we are right here! Have been since 1987. We have given visibility to thousands of companies and provide rich insight into business operations as part of our enterprise software solution.

I don’t know who came up with our name as I was a senior in high school at that time, but it’s a great name! It’s an even better name nowadays with “the cloud”. We all use the cloud in some way. As for business systems, they are more and more frequently residing in the cloud. For close to 10 years, we have been deploying cloud based enterprise manufacturing solutions for our client base. And yes, we offer them phenomenal visibility through the cloud(s). (We have an on premise solution too by the way!)

So how does VISIBILITY specifically give manufacturing enterprises visibility?

  1. Personal Portals: Each Visibility ERP user designs their own interactive dashboard and portal. This portal contains the critical information that is essential to accomplishing their daily tasks. Newsfeeds, message boards, KPI’s, workflow messages, alerts, approvals to be processed, internal links, external url’s and important apps are all at the users fingertips and provides instant visibility into business operations.
  2. Business Intelligence: Visibility ERP delivers 10 data warehouses / data marts of facts, dimensions and measurements. These easily consumable data elements are readily available for end users to develop additional visibility into financial, sales, operational and project areas of the business. Visibility ERP Business Intelligence integrates and transforms the data into readily available and highly useful analytics. This visibility turns data into productive information. Users can pick their own preferred tool to gather this information. Excel, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, Microsoft PowerBI or other visual analytics products can be the delivery mechanism for information.
  3. VISIBILITY has always been focused on helping mid-sized and large manufacturing organizations. As such, we offer several manufacturing focused apps that further increase visibility into the business. Our VisMobile suite of applications delivers powerful labor, material, operational, scheduling, operational HR and quality management solutions. Visibility ERP is entirely browser based and runs on any device. In addition to that, we offer these focused apps that are ideal for shop floor, field service, maintenance and production personnel. The apps can run on small devices like mobile phones or tablets and are ideal for touch screen devices located precisely where the manufacturing or service work is being performed. This all adds up to even more operational visibility!

So we have a great name and that name is backed up with a world class software solution that runs Fortune 1000 companies and even mid-sized manufacturing companies. To learn more about how we can help your organization with visibility, please click below.

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