Often in business we get caught up in what is going on in our little corner of the world.  New features for an ERP product, employee benefits, new customer deals, success in existing client implementations.  We like to say our vision is to “Delight Every Customer”.

But I am often reminded to keep things in perspective.  And today I want to brag about one of my daughters.   Michelle is a United States Peace Corps volunteer.  She has been stationed in Cameroon, Africa for the past two years.  She lives in remote jungle village called Dimako in the Eastern Region located about 30 minutes from the border with the Central African Republic.

Cameroon has an ongoing serious and widespread problem with HIV and AIDs.  Misinformation, lack of health education, and lack of testing has given way to an estimated 600,000 people known to be living with HIV and over 34,000 AIDs related deaths each year. 

Michelle took on HIV/AIDS awareness as a focal point of her youth education work in Cameroon.  The video attached shows her latest project.  She coordinated the education and testing of over 300 youth in Dimako village for HIV/AIDs.  This project included peer training to teach adolescent volunteers to be “coaches” and help train their classmates.  Sadly 2 positive HIV cases were identified during testing and these included a 15 year old girl.  But this testing and awareness helps avail these two patients and others with knowledge and ability to access drugs as well as education to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and other STDs.

I am humbled by her efforts and could not help but brag about her on the company blog!  Her Video is below.  I am so proud of you Michelle!



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