Mobile ERP: VisMobile v. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

By: Scott Cranford

Here at Visibility we offer two mobile ERP add-ons to complement our ERP solution. So what the difference between VisMobile v. the Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

How are they similar?

Both VisMobile and WMS allow for data to be collected from handheld mobile devices in real time. This is important in a manufacturing setting as there are office based resources and shop floor based resources. With these mobile products, someone in the office doesn’t need to wait for someone on the shop floor to get back to the office to enter in data. Instead the transactions recorded with VisMobile and WMS are updated to your overall Visibility system in real time. 

How are they different?

VisMobile and WMS, although similar, serve different purposes on the shop floor. VisMobile collects employee time data while WMS collects inventory location, movement, and labor data. Check out a list of the available transactions on both products to demonstrate the different purposes they serve below.

  • VisMobile
    • Attendance (Shift) Clock-In/Out
    • Serial Mode (Single-Job-At-A-Time) Job Clock-In/Out
    • Automated “Snap-to-Paid-Time”
    • Automated Generation of Indirect Charges for “Between-Jobs-Gap-Time”
    • Automated Notifications for Early/Late Attendance Clock-In/Out
    • Automated Generation of Holiday Charges
    • Automated Supervisor Clock-Out-All Function
    • Automated Supervisor Correction Function
  • WMS
    • Incoming Receiving
    • Inspection Results
    • Warehouse Transfer
    • Location Transfer
    • Move Ticket
    • Labor Ticket
    • Cycle Count
    • Physical Inventory
    • Material Request
    • Inventory Labeling
    • ASN Receipt
    • Daily Receiving
    • Kanban Fulfillment
    • Material Issue


Although VisMobile and WMS offer different sets of transactions, they both result in similar benefits. Some of these benefits include increased employee efficiency and more reliable information capture thanks to the elimination of manual data entry. Benefits like these result in more accurate reporting and reduced costs which will lead to overall increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about these two mobile offerings, click here to visit our mobility page on our website. To delve even deeper into these two topics, be sure to check out VisMobile and our WMS Data Sheets by clicking on the two buttons below. You can also click here to request a demo with a member of the Visibility team.

Warehouse Management VisMobile Data Sheet

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