Betty Cantrell, the new Miss America from Georgia, says Tom Brady cheated.  “If there was any question to be had I think that he definitely cheated and he should have been suspended for that,” she said in response to a question posed to her during the annual competition.

So I guess it must be true.

If there was ever an example of regional bias in the court of public opinion, this is it.  Ask anyone south or west of Hartford CT, and they will likely agree 100% with Miss America. But Patriots fans to the north and east of Hartford, wonder who decided that question should even be asked in the forum it was in the first place.

Visibility customers are located in every NFL city across the US including Boston, where our headquarters is located.   We service customers from every part of the country.  It used to be advisable to avoid taboo topics like politics and religion in conversations with prospects and customers.  Now has this extended to include the sports world?

But sometimes I can’t help myself. I would rather a different question be asked: “Is there any doubt that Tom Brady is the greatest qb in the history of the nfl?”

I wonder how Betty Cantrell would have answered that one?

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