Made in USA!   Offshoring now being outpaced by “Reshoring” and “Newshoring.”

Manufacturing job creation in the US was a thing of the past at the start of this millennium with the advent of offshoring for lower costs and higher productivity driving manufacturing jobs overseas.

made in america

But higher wages in places like China, an increase in concerns over design theft, more efficient means of manufacturing, and a new wave of 3D printing manufacturers have emerged to make the Made in USA label a new trend once again.

We have seen our customers in recent years open plants in Illinois, California, and Oregon replacing operations that had been done in China and Mexico as part of the reshoring manufacturing trend. This has helped revitalize American manufacturing and the jobs associated.

Today manufacturers are exploring a new trend, newshoring. This brings engineering and manufacturing back together. Using tools like 3D printers, manufacturers are able to provide custom to job machines and the easy and rapid development of prototypes to support new product. 

According to Bloomberg Business, Pittsburg has created over 5,000 new manufacturing jobs in the last year alone, helping to make Pittsburg a hub for 3D printing which in turn is promoting mass customization of goods. These trends are all combining to revitalize the manufacturing sector.

Look for more “Made in USA” labels!  And support US manufacturers by buying US made products once again! To learn more about some of our US manufacturer customer success stories, click here


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