Manufacturing in America: Trump and Sanders Seem to Agree on One Thing

By: Jack Saint

As different as two of the leading candidates are, in what has become a literal dogfight of a race, with protesters on each side squaring off in Chicago and at other planned rallies, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders seem to agree on at least one concept:  American jobs are being lost by bad trade deals.  And Mexico and China are the main beneficiaries.

Both candidates vow to do something about this problem with manufacturing in America and vow to bring the jobs back.  Both are talking about ripping up or totally revamping these agreements (NAFTA for Mexico and special trade consideration agreements for China).  Both want to cut into what has become a $500 billion trade deficit in goods, and tax goods coming from those countries.  Make on-shoring back to America a trend that can fuel the economy with new jobs – particularly in manufacturing.

It seems financial analysts are skeptical about the depth of the solution – many say that the number of jobs discussed may be somewhat overblown by the candidates.  But in my opinion, it is good news for American manufacturers, that two of the leading candidates for president are at least talking about turning the tables on these trade agreements in order to bring jobs in manufacturing back to America.  

Supporting American-made manufacturers is easy, and extremely crucial to our economy. Looking for "Made in USA" labels (whether you are shopping online or in person), is an easy way for you to support manufacturing in America. 

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