Lessons Learned From Business Assessments

By Kassi Burke 

Some vendors, such as Visibility, offer a business assessment service. There is much to be gained by investing in a service like this from time to time, especially when you feel as if there are weaknesses in your business processes, but you don’t know where to start making lasting changes in your organization. This post will take a look at what exactly a business assessment is, some common lessons that come out of a business assessment, and benefits of the business assessment.  

At Visibility, our business assessment service focuses on improving overall use of the system increasing user efficiency, applying best practices, eliminating waste, and implementing process improvements. An ERP business assessment involves a pre-assessment questionnaire, an onsite visit, detailed documentation of what was observed and ways to improve use of the system and depending on the outcome, additional follow-up training sessions. 

Below are some of the most common trends we see coming out of our business assessments: 

  • Still struggle with eliminating outside spreadsheet or paper-based systems.  
  • You went live and never kept getting better.  
  • Your employees find a way to get the job done, but it’s not always the best way and often negatively impacts downstream operations.  

There are countless benefits to investing in an onsite ERP business assessment including: 

  • Elimination of outside manual processes. 
  • Real-time process improvements through training 
  • Implementation of features not being used. 
  • Detailed documentation of observations, improvements, and a roadmap of where to go going forward. 
  • Future goals set to continue improved use of the system. 

Whether you have been using your ERP system for two years or ten years, a business assessment can help you use what you have better. Contact us to learn more about Visibility today. 

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