Have you ever procrastinated and found yourself staying up late, as if you were cramming for a test? Instead of learning the material, you are merely memorizing the answers just to pass. Come on, be honest, we’ve all done it. If you do this, chances are you do not retain the material. How would you feel if your doctor, the one about to operate on you, prepared this way?

This type of preparation is quite common when it comes to ISO Certified companies getting ready for a Register’s audit. The week before the audit, employees are running around trying to organize documents, update training records, and obtain required signatures in order to pretend that they have been compliant, and following procedures.

Unfortunately, companies preparing this way are missing the main purpose of being ISO Certified. Your business is successful when you gain and keep customers. That makes customer satisfaction a highly important quality that you want to develop and capture through your business activities. If an organization has to scramble to pass an ISO 9001 audit, it is hard to be compliant and meet the requirements: meeting set standards and delivering customer satisfaction.

Benefits of ISO Certified (Don’t Miss OUT)

  • Enhanced business performance and better cost management
  • Consistency in the delivery of your product or service
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty leading to repeat business
  • Defect rates decrease
  • Defining procedures identifies current practices that are obsolete or inefficient
  • Documented procedures are easier for new employees to follow.
  • Organizations retain or increase market share, increasing sales or revenues.

ISO 9001 does NOT define the actual quality of your product or service and does it not guarantee a successful business. However, the standard can help a business achieve consistent results and continually improve the process if it is done in a systematic, reliable manner.

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