The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

By Johnny Nugent 

Although sometimes taken lightly or often remembered as more of an afterthoughtdisaster recovery plans are extremely important to any business, especially a manufacturing business that relies on safely storing lots of data.  

There are many risks to your data out there, including fire, natural disaster (snowstorm, tornado, earthquake), power outages or other connectivity lossand cyber-attacks to name a few. Be sure to develop and test a solid disaster recovery plan every so often to minimize downtime and lost revenue.  

Top Three Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan 

Prevent Data Loss  

This may seem like an obvious benefit of a disaster recovery plan, but the planning and testing you put into your disaster recovery plan may determine just how much data your organization loses during a disaster. Data is of the utmost importance to every manufacturing company so minimizing as much data loss as possible during a disaster is a benefit of developing a solid plan.  

Minimize Downtime  

After preserving data, minimizing lost profits is the next goal and benefit of developing disaster recovery plan. When disaster strikes there is often some downtime that comes with it as employees work to recover data and get systems back up and running. Downtime typically comes with lost profits because employees can’t focus on their day-to-day revenue producing tasks.  

Maintain Customer Satisfaction 

Keeping customers happy and coming back for more is the number one priority of every business and in this fast-paced world we live incustomers expect perfection. If a business isn’t meeting a customer's expectations, they will find another business to provide the same goods or services. Reducing the risk of downtime and data loss is crucial to keeping customer satisfaction high.  


Disaster recovery planning is an important process for every business to go through. A disaster recovery plan requires identifying threats, setting goals of disaster recovery, researching the best ways to achieve those objectives, and testing the plan. Be sure to revisit and test your disaster recovery plan to ensure your business has the resilience to last through any disaster.  

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