Smartphones have only been around for about a decade. Today there are over three billion smartphone devices in the world.  More than one billion tablets including Androids, iPads, and Kindles are out there. Over 400 million laptops are project to ship in 2017 creating an industry with close to 10 billion hardware devices have shipped in the last decade.

So where is this all leading? It seems convergence and hybrids will be the next generation. Smartphone devices which can include applications such as an actual phone (!), text, facetime, camera, GPS, weather,  email,  music, facebook, banking, calendar, news, alarm clock, fitness monitoring, radio, tracking of sunrise and sunset, dating sites, youtube, shopping sites, web browsing, bill payments and even applications which vibrate when the surf is up at the local beach. Tablets and laptops have large screens which allow for reading and the use of business applications such as Word, Excel.

New devices are in the works, and some have been announced, which will expand the smartphone capabilities into the laptop/tablet application world. Attachable screens to expand viewing areas, and keyboards for data entry. Plug in devices where you can swap in and out advanced music speakers, better cameras, bar code readers, etc.

Hybrids are on the horizon and the laptop and smartphone market is likely to consolidate as the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops merge. Nobody knows exactly where it is all heading. But the one thing we can all count on – technology will continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace and software companies need to be more agile than ever and more adaptive than ever in order to keep up.

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