How to Manage Customer Relationships in Your ERP System?

By Jackie Aldrich 

Managing your customer relationships in an ERP solution does not have to be a challenge any longer. Modern systems will allow you to capture and bring together all of the pieces of information about your customers and market trends. The need for a separate CRM does not solve the key needs of a business in that it requires integration. Managing your customer means gaining insights into the entire relationship from lead development through after-market service.

Let's look at the three phases of a customer lifecycle and examine how modern ERP solutions can foster improved customer service, retention and relationships.

Securing the Customer

Prior to gaining a new customer, the ERP solution can be an ideal repository of information for leads, quotes, sales activities, opportunities and contacts. You will be able to categorize your leads and opportunities, generate valuable sales pipeline analytics and gather important details about their product and service needs should they become a customer.

Giving Customers the Proper Tools

Once you have a new customer, then your ERP solution can manage quotes, sales orders, shipments, invoicing and collection activities and is ideal for having a kind of “customer workbench”. Sales activities can be managed as can any customer service items like questions, returns, repairs or installations.

Keep the Customer Happy Long term

In a typical ERP implementation, after-market service is often not considered to be a “phase one” item, although it’s our belief that it certainly should be. Managing RMA’s, Field Service, Technician Scheduling, Depot Service, Warranties, As Services Product Details and Service Contracts can all be managed from within the ERP system.

What’s often very important in bringing together all three phases is the use of a Business Intelligence solution so that companies can generate their own metrics and analytical dashboards to gain valuable insight into the customer.

Visibility offers one integrated ERP solution complete with CRM and Business Intelligence functionality. With implementations occurring within three to six months, contact Visibility today to learn more.

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