How ERP Software Can Help Manufacturers Increase Sales 

Did you know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can help you close more deals? Although many manufacturing companies use it to streamline expenses and increase efficiency, the technology can also be leveraged to increase sales. Below are several ways manufacturers can use ERP software to improve their close ratio.  


ERP Software Can Revamp the Sales Process 

From drafting detailed proposals to negotiating deals, your sales team and reps are constantly trying to bring in more business. As a result, the less time they spend on tedious tasks the more they can devote to ones that really impact your company's bottom line. An ERP software with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features can make it easier for your team to close more deals by revamping the sales process and making it more efficient. For example, the software can lower the possibility of errors and pricing misquotes by providing accurate customer data and pricing information. Since they won't have to enter data into multiple systems, it can allow them to utilize their time more efficiently. Sales reps can also draft  professional quotes and proposals faster and easier since the ERP software is integrated with other important software and databases.

ERP Software Can Provide Insightful Customer Data

The more your sales team understands your customers, the easier it will be for them to close a deal. ERP's powerful technology can provide insightful data on your customer's habits, sales history and other metrics. This real-time data can help your reps develop successful sales strategies and recognize potential opportunities.

At its full potential, ERP software can give your manufacturing company a strategic advantage by making it easier to hit your sales goals and make informed sales and marketing decisions. Professional ERP software can also make it easier for your company to effectively manage customer relationships, quotes, projects and more. 

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