For those of you from the Boston area, happy Marathon Monday! For those of you not from Boston, today is the day of the Boston Marathon. It is a day of remembrance as we remember those who were lost and injured during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.  It is also a day of pride and celebration throughout the city of Boston as we line the streets to cheer on the runners.

So what do ERP implementations and marathons have in common? More than you might think!

  1. Preparation is Key. Just like a runner doesn’t go out and run a marathon for the first time without training, a company doesn’t “go live” on an ERP system without properly training and testing on the system. Depending on the scope of the ERP project, an ERP implementation can take weeks to months to complete. It includes time spent with the ERP consultant setting up the new system, teaching employees how to use the new system, and testing on the new system before the big “go live” date.
  2. Remember It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint. A successful marathon runner doesn’t start a marathon with a full out sprint in order to get to the finish line fastest, instead she paces herself so she can ensure a smooth and steady journey to the finish line. Similarly, an ERP implementation can’t take place overnight. From setting up the new system, to training on the different modules, to the last stage of testing – every step builds on the previous steps so it takes time and patience to complete successfully.
  3. It’s All Worth it in the End. After all of early morning trainings, sore muscles, and sweat, when a marathon runner makes it to the finish line there is no sweeter feeling. It’s that runners high that keeps runners coming back for more marathons even when they require a runner to give so much. An ERP project may require working longer hours, overcoming functional challenges, and sitting in on demanding training sessions, but seeing the return on investment in the end makes it all worth it in the end.

From all of us here at Visibility, good luck runners! Could Visibility’s ERP system be the right fit for your ERP project? Click here to learn more.



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