ERP and Parenthood Series: Advanced Planning and Scheduling 

By: Katie Foley

Next up in our ERP and Parenthood series: Advanced Planning and Scheduling. If you are a parent, you will have no problem figuring out how Advanced Planning and Scheduling for kids would come in extremely handy most days!

No matter the age kids have a routine to stick to. As babies, it’s eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat, play sleep. In the sleep deprived days of having a newborn, it’s difficult to keep track of these three simple things. It’s so hard for new parents that there are actually quite a few mobile apps on the market that make it easy to record how long the baby slept and when’s the last time they ate.

As the kids get older, the schedules get more complex, especially if more kids are added to the mix. There’s school, homework, baseball practice, piano lessons, dance recitals, play dates with friends, soccer games to name a few all on top of the basics eat, play, sleep. Depending on the number of children you have, you will likely have many overlapping activities to keep track of. As the mother of one, one-year-old right now with a fairly simple routine to follow, I am truly amazed at how my parents got three kids to three different schools and three different activities at times. Parents really are super heroes in my book!

Perhaps even more complex than a family’s day-to-day schedule, is the schedule of a make-to-order manufacturing company. With various operations going on with different due dates across multiple work stations, warehouses, or even geographic locations all while answering “can you build it” from potential incoming business, a robust planning and scheduling application is essential.

For now parents may be out of luck when it comes to Advanced Planning and Scheduling for moms and dads, but lucky for make-to-order manufacturers, ERP vendors like Visibility provide modern scheduling solutions for the modern manufacturer. Features of a scheduling solution for manufacturers include:

  • Graphical drag and drop scheduling capabilities
  • The ability to manage load and capacity
  • An opportunity to identify overloaded workstations and drag loads to alternate dates and/or workstations
  • Reactions in real time to changes and interruptions to identify and correct scheduling issues
  • A way to enforce operation sequences and work order hierarchies

Could Visibility’s Schedule Advisor assist with your planning and scheduling needs? Click here to learn more.


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