Dog Days of ERP Implementations 

By Katie Foley

Tomorrow is August 1st. August marks the home stretch of summer. Four weeks to squeeze in all those beach days, backyard bbqs, and campfire smores before school starts and the crisp fall air settles in. Late summer is often referred to as the “dog days” or the hot, humid days of summer. The term “dog days” has its’ roots in astrology.

So what can an ERP project learn from the dog days of summer? More than you might think! Here are some lessons ERP implementations can learn from the leisurely pace of summer.

Time to Develop a Thoughtful Implementation Plan

A successful implementation begins with carefully defining your business processes and developing a strong implementation plan. The slower pace of summer give ERP project leaders the time they need.

A Break From the Hustle and Bustle of the Normal Work Week

It feels like there is never a good time to start an ERP implementation project. On top of making the implementation a priority, your team must also keep up with normal daily responsibilities. Summer typically offers a lull in activity when many employees sneak away on a summer vacation. Take advantage of this break in activity to move your ERP project along.

A Fresh Perspective

Take that summer vacation! Time away from an ERP project to relax and unwind can offer a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective when you return to the office. Looking at the same hang up with a new perspective may give you the clarity you need to overcome the challenge.

Remember that the most successful ERP implementations have a lot of time, thought, and planning put into them. Take a lesson from summer and slow down when starting your next ERP implementation project.

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