I recently returned from a trip to Singapore and used Qatar’s new Airbus service from Boston through Doha.  Long distance travel to business centers like Singapore is becoming much easier.  


With a 12 hour flight from Boston to Doha, Qatar followed by a connecting leg of 7 more hours you can be in Singapore the next day.   The service offers comfortable new Airbus service with extra legroom, wifi, and in seat movies and television, these flights are a great option when traveling for business in Southeast Asia or the Middle East. 

Singapore is the business hub of Southeast Asia.  Although over 75% of its population is Chinese with a majority of the remaining population from other Asian language countries, Singapore’s business language is English.  Its culture is a mix of western and Asian.  Although strict laws against spitting, jay-walking, and even chewing gum are noteworthy, they are rarely enforced and the business environment is thriving despite being hit somewhat by the gas and oil industry slip.

After being occupied by Japan in WW II, then returning to a British Colony in 1945, Singapore eventually won its independence in the early 1960s.  By the 1990s business in this geographic and financial center, boomed.  Today the business community continues to thrive and I was so impressed by the new buildings going up in the financial district.  The island/city/state/country has a population of 5 million and very few sections of the city are downtrodden or crime riddled.

We see Singapore as an untapped entrance to the Southeast Asian market and a gateway to that part of the world.  And airline travel to/from has just become easier.

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