Although many people associate blockchain within the context of cryptocurrency, there are many useful applications for it in the field of enterprise resource management. Here are several ways blockchain technology can benefit your company's business processes. 


Blockchain Technology Can Improve Trust Between Business Partners  

Before blockchain was invented, companies used independent enterprise resource management systems with its own database and records. Discrepancies and misunderstandings due to inaccurate or different record were common and helped erode trust between business partners. Blockchain operates using a shared ledger on a distributed structure that is available to everyone in the network. The technology makes it very difficult for anyone to push through unauthorized changes, therefore making it more secure and transparent. 

Blockchain Technology Can Increase Your Company's Efficiency and Reduce Expenses  

Traditional enterprise resource management solutions made it more likely for companies to spend more than necessary and be inefficient. Now the technology can make it easier to track goods, expenses making it more efficient and helping to cut costs of having to maintain and audit the transactions. Blockchain transactions are secure and can help you streamline the formerly expensive and inefficient enterprise resource management processes.

Blockchain Technology Can Make it Easier For Your Company to Execute Smart Contracts 

Another way blockchain technology can benefit your company is with self-executing smart contracts. The innovative contracts use blockchain to capture the terms and conditions between organizations. It can also determine when the conditions have been met and payments were successfully made, which can help speed up business transactions. Smart contracts can also make it easier to verify and execute manual contracts between two companies. 

Overall, blockchain technology can transform your business process and the way your company handles enterprise resource management applications. Regardless of your specific industry or business needs, blockchain can help streamline your company's processes.  

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