Most manufacturers, view a reduction in the cost of labor and increasing productivity as part of their top priorities. However, it is more difficult to achieve these objectives by maintaining paper records. The reason is that staff will spend most of their time recording various details on paper, and gaining visibility of entire company operations becomes a challenge.


Therefore, going paperless will enhance a manufacturer's daily operations, which will increase ROI. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider going paperless with ERP as a manufacturer.

Fosters Collaboration

A paperless manufacturing environment is probably the best option for manufacturers who are considering collaboration across functions and departments. The reason is that connecting everyone that participates in the manufacturing process using ERP will encourage sharing of information. As a result, updates at various stages of the production process are accessible to all instantly, which is critical towards promoting a responsive rather than a reactive operating environment.

Increases Visibility

Manufacturers who want to remain informed regarding every activity within their establishment should consider adopting paperless manufacturing operations through ERP. It is hard to identify inconsistencies at various levels of your business operations if you depend on paper documentation as a manufacturer. Therefore, going paperless increases visibility within manufacturing operations because individuals can access all the necessary details from one database.

Consequently, the response time to any issues that may arise will reduce significantly, which eventually promotes efficiency in daily activities.

Eliminates Errors and Inaccuracies

Some of the paper-based operations in manufacturing include the creation of schedules, copying and distribution of information, handling of records by supervisors, the input of information by operators, data collection and entry, among others. Each of these tasks represents time-consuming procedures that increase the probability of making errors and eliminating critical details.

In that case, avoiding the negative impact of paper-based operations in manufacturing through ERP is not an option, and you can do so by going paperless. Additionally, electronic transmission of information as a result of paperless manufacturing operations will not only address inaccuracies in the collection and entry of data, but it will also reduce the cost of labor significantly. 

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