In the wake of what is being called the deadliest mass shooting in US history at a gay nightclub in Orlando, democrats and republicans are reacting with typical vigor.  And in typical fashion both sides of the aisle have their talking points and both sides seem on the surface to be extreme.

“Better gun control is needed” is the typical Democratic refrain.  “We are at war with radical Islamic terrorists” headlines the Republican response.

Is it possible that both sides are right?  There is no denying that radical Islamic terrorists are killing innocents and terrorizing this country and the world.  Refusing to call them radical Islamic terrorists doesn’t help solve the problem.  They are radical Islamic terrorists and kill people in the name of that religion.  There is also no denying that AR-15 assault rifles are not typically used when folks go deer hunting.   And do we really need military style assault rifles for protection from burglars?

But mention either perspective and folks jump to the conclusion that you are an extreme.  Calling terror what it is does not mean you generalize and lump all Muslims into the same basket.  It means that radicalized Muslims, yes Muslims who take their religion in a different violent direction, are indeed a threat to all of us.  And questioning  military style assault weapons does not mean a call to ban all guns.  

It is my belief that the majority of Americans fall in the middle of the political spectrum.  And times like these both sides have good points to be made.  Just not to the extreme or exclusion of the other side.

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