AI and ERP  

By Johnny Nugent 

Artificial Intelligenceor AIis relatively new technology but it’s causing lots of buzz in the software world. As an ERP companywe must wonder what ERP will look like in a post-AI world. This blog will examine what exactly AI is for those that don’t know and how it can enhance your ERP experience 

What is AI? 

AI is the simulation of human processes by machines. These human processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Let’s quickly look at some everyday examples of AI 


Siri is the Apple personal assistant we all know and love. She helps us look up directions, send messages, and set reminders on a daily basis 


Amazon’s Alexa makes smart houses the norm now. Alexa listens to your voice to create shopping lists, play music, and search the web for info.  


Even your Netflix account utilizes AI to suggest movies for you based on your preferences.  

AI is really all around us and this is just the beginning. Over the next several years we will see AI continue to make waves in all industries, but particularly in the ERP industry.  

How Can AI Enhance ERP?  

  1. Improved Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Etc. AI can help automate responses in real time for sales inquiries, marketing campaigns, and customer service calls.  
  2. The ability to go paperless. Make your dreams of going paperless come true with AI. Bots can help your organization capture, store, secure, and retrieve documents at the drop of a hat.  
  3. Forecasting. AI driven solutions can use historical data to help predict future behavior so that your organization can stay ahead of the curve.  


These are just a few of the many ways AI can enhance the ERP experience. As AI technology developswe will see more improvements in the ERP world with the use of AI solutions.  


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