VISIBILITY Business Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence for Better Decision Making


The purpose of BI is not to answer common questions, but instead to uncover new questions and find answers to those questions. Visibility's BI Analyzers transform unrelated, detailed information from one or more disparate business applications into meaningful, business focused intelligence. Visibility BI provides you with the tool-set for tailored reporting and analytics, thereby allowing you to control the information you see and need precisely at that moment. 


  1. Access and analyze key business data to make informed fact-based decisions faster.
  2. Empower users with tools to identify trends.
  3. Improve quality information and facilitate data consolidations.
  4. Provide consistent data across the organization so users can spend less time reconciling differences
  5. Replace home-grown or ineffective standard report writer products
  6. Provide powerful analysis for intuitive assessment of business information
  7. Utilize existing IT infrastrucutre
  8. Reduce workload and impact on transactional systems
  9. Perform ad-hoc analysis using drag and drop functionality
Touch Screen Business Intelligence


Visibility's BI Analyzers are designed with a best practice architecture that facilitates speed to deploy and flexibility to accommodate unique measurements for your organization. These tools provide a pre-defined set of metrics which enable end users to analyze business data from numerous reporting perspectives. 

These solutions are easily deployed to work with your current business systems and existing IT infrastructure. Visibility's BI solutions can be used in conjunction with one or more ERP systems and can always be modified to meet your company’s specific requirements. Below is a listing of Visibility's BI solutions..

Project Accounting

Labor Distribution


General Ledger

Inventory Control


Order Entry



Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable



Work in Process (WIP)