Manufacturing involves significant input from both the shop floor and office based resources. How can manufacturing companies capture real-time labor transactions right from the shop floor?

Our VisMobile solution is designed to address the needs of shops needing controlled employee badge, time-clock entry in a multi-shift 7x24 environment.


Some of the benefits of VisMobile include:

  1. Complete time and attendance solution, seamlessly integrated with VISIBLITY
  2. Increased employee productivity
  3. Reliable information capture
  4. Improved labor/time management accuracy
  5. Highly accurate operation level time reporting
  6. Reduces the amount of time it takes to process timesheets, approvals, and payroll
  7. Automates complex production scenarios where multiple employees are working on the same operation concurrently
  8. Automates complex production scenarios where employees are working more than one machine at the same time
  9. Automatically accrues break times
  10. Eliminates manual timesheet collection and re-entry of data into VISIBILITY

For the complete list of benefits, as well as available transactions and a look at the VisMobile screens, download our VisMobile infographic by clicking on the button below. Click here to explore all of our mobile ERP solutions. 


Click Here to Download Our VisMobile Infographic

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