System integrators design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. ERP solutions can optimize the capabilities of SI’s by improving efficiencies and overall business performance.

SI’s should explore ERP packages that come prefigured to fit their company’s needs. Many SI’s are small and the cost of most accounting software beyond lower grade is prohibitive unless there is some super value to it. An ERP package that combines accounting software with enterprise management at an affordable price is crucial to SI success.


Also, the relationship between the ERP vendor and SI is central to long term success. SI’s should look for a vendor that will listen to needs throughout the implementation process. The vendor should promote a healthy work environment capable of overcoming any future obstacle SI’s may face.

Visibility is an ERP solution that meets all the above criteria. Visibility is very affordable for SI’s and offers every module needed to run a successful enterprise. Our goal is to help those in need. We want to build long lasting relationships that assist in an SI’s growth and overall success.

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