Business Intelligence is the delivery of accurate and valuable information, to key decision makers, "on demand." The purpose of which is not to answer the common questions, but instead to uncover new questions and find answers to questions you never thought you would ask. VISIBILITY's Business Intelligence Analyzers transform unrelated, detailed information from one or more disparate business applications into meaningful, business focused intelligence.

These tools provide a pre-defined set of metrics which enable end users to analyze standardized business data, from any number of perspectives, using Microsoft Excel and Reporting Services. VISIBILITY Business Intelligence provides you with the tool-set for tailored reporting and analytics, thereby allowing you to control the information you see and need precisely at that moment. The VISIBILITY Business Intelligence Analyzers are designed with a best practice architecture that facilitates speed to deploy and flexibility to accommodate unique measurements for your organization.

Solutions exist for:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Projects
  • Inventory
  • Labor
  • Work-In-Progress/Capacity Planning

VISIBILITY uses Microsoft SQL Server to develop Business Intelligence solutions, as this is the only end-to-end business intelligence tool in the market which has its own database analysis tools and reporting services. Included in the Microsoft SQL Server package are a Database Repository, Data Transformation and Analysis Services; as well as Reporting Services. Furthermore it is possible to publish and share your reports over the internet through reporting services packages. It is easy for decision-makers to access the analyzed real-time information and reports at any global location through a shared, security protected, network facility.

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