Having a strong foundation upon which the ERP application is supported allows organizations to operate with confidence in their system infrastructure. This foundation offers database choices of Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server and is built using industry standard contemporary technologies. This gives companies unmatched flexibility to meet the challenging demands cost effectively for all business operations.


Microsoft©.NET is a set of software technologies for connecting information, people, systems, and devices. Based exclusively on .NET technology, VISIBILITY.net is one of a new breed of ERP products that has been architected as an Internet application from its inception, while maintaining Visibility's depth in business functionality.

100% Browser Based, Zero Client Footprint

VISIBILITY.net provides a distinct set of advantages when it comes to deploying the application. IT administration benefits include elimination of “client-side” PC configuration issues, and fast, reliable deployment of upgrade patches. VISIBILITY.net provides a highly intuitive, interactive user experience. All of this is achieved with a zero client interface. In other words, VISIBILITY. net does not download any software onto a client PC in order to operate. Any client device with a current version of Microsoft IE, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari is capable of operating VISIBILITY.net.

System Security

System security is provided at all layers of the application and general environment. Providing for tightly secured data access between the VISIBILITY. net application and your database. Application security is built into each application form and individual form controls and links.

Database Independent

VISIBILITY. net currently supports Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

Complete Multi-Entity/Inter-Entity/Multi-Plant/Multi-Currency Capability

In a global or multi-entity environment, take advantage of strong and deep multi-company, inter-company and multi-currency support throughout every aspect of the application.

Multi-Lingual Capability

The VISIBILITY.net application is multi-language ready. All form labels, report labels, and internal codes are administered with internal translation tables; allowing for linked translation text in any alternate language. Based on a user’s login, the application can be automatically presented in the selected language. Double byte languages such as Japanese and Chinese can also be supported.