Complex product manufacturers require robust product data management, continuous engineering and support for cradle to grave and cross-domain elements all of which are facilitated using the application. Common data access and efficient transaction handling allows complex manufacturing companies to develop, describe, manage and communicate information about their products.

Product Configurator

The Product Configurator provides powerful, rule-based generation of product structures, costs, and pricing, in a flexible guided user interface. The product configurator is fully integrated with quoting, order entry, and engineering, delivering efficient data entry and reliable generation of simple to complex Configure-To-Order items.

CAD Interface

The CAD Interface provides for export and import of parts and BOMs. provides online links from ERP product data to part drawings and electronic files.

Parts & BOMS focuses on ergonomics as well as rich functionality in creating and maintaining product data. Elimination of duplicate entry and access to both “quick entry” and “full maintenance” forms allows engineers to focus on engineering not data entry.

Part & Product Attribute Management

The Part and Product Attribute Management capabilities allow for explicit management of part attributes to aid in locating parts to avoid duplicate entry.

Features & Options

The Features and Options module enables the ability to establish and maintain features and options for To-Order parts. This module is designed to create a structure that allows a customer to define the end product by selecting the features desired.

Routings Routings define the steps within the process required to build a “make” part. Routing files contain instructions on how and where to build products. Each routing contains the sequence of operations that need to be performed and identifies the work centers where the operations are to be performed together with the resources, machine and labor used to perform each operation. Times listed in the routing determine the labor costs, scheduling, and the capacity required to manufacture the product.

Change Management

Change control can be applied as needed to a selection of parts. BOM components, part field values, and part drawing links may be placed under change control.