For a manufacturing or distribution company, users require mobile applications to support managing time and attendance, inventory movements, production reporting, and inventory transfers. This internal mobility empowers the mobile worker to capture real-time manufacturing information via most web-enabled mobile devices or bar code data collection devices. offers the mobile user two options: Warehouse Management System (WMS) and VisMobile.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS is a real-time web application that allows shop floor transactions to be run on most web-enabled mobile devices. With WMS, ERP software users have the ability to use a wireless bar-code scanner to execute various transactions including: warehouse and location transfers, cycle counts, physical inventory, purchase receipts, material request fulfilment, work order moves, and paperless Kanban. WMS is made easy with on screen prompts, automatically populated data, and preprinted bar codes, which eliminate manual data entry.


  • Shop Floor Moves
  • Inventory Transactions (Cycle Count and Physical Inventory)
  • Part Query for Qty/Bin
  • Labor Tracking
  • Demand/Issue
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Part Labeling

Warehouse Management System Screen

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VisMobile is intended to address the needs of manufacturing shop floors with the necessity to control Employee-Badge and Time-Clock data entry in a multi-shift 7x24 environment. Through employee time can be collected on a real-time basis. This solution lets shop floor employees enter time directly into VISIBILITY through the use of a barcode scanner.


  • Attendance (Shift) Clock-In/Out
  • Serial-Mode (Single-Job-At-A-Time)
  • Automated "Snap-To-Paid-Time" Adjustments for Attendance Clock-In/Out
  • Automated Generation of Indirect Charges for "Between-Jobs-Gap-Time"
  • Automated Notifications for Early/Late Attendance Clock-In/Out
  • Automated Generation of Holiday Charges
  • Automated Supervisor Clock-Out-All Function
  • Automated Supervisor Correction Function

It provides shop users with the ability to perform keyboard-less labor entries. VisMobile supports attendance, timesheet, and time-clock methods as well as supervisor approval functionality via standard timesheet forms. VisMobile has been developed using the architecture, Visibility’s platform for the next generation of VISIBILITY ERP. Screen