You've decided it's time to either move to a new ERP system if you are on an older system or invest in an ERP system to begin with. Your first question might be "where do we begin our search"? With so many ERP vendors out there and the sophisticated ERP needs of most manufacturing companies, it can be an overwhelming process. Let our "Selecting an ERP System" infographic guide you through it! 



Our "Selecting an ERP System" infographic breaks it down for you - from the early stages of deciding on a budget, identifying needs/wants, and choosing a committed selection committee to the later stages of reviewing contracts, talking to customer references, and making the final decision. 

Do you think Visibility's ERP solution could be the right fit for your manufacturing company? To learn more about our ERP solution, check out this page or request a free demonstration here


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Infographic Download: "Selecting an ERP System"

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