When companies evaluate ERP software, there is typically a focus on fit and functionality. But what about the ability to deliver on the implementation services? For the “to order” ERP user, they might not have the experience nor the background in managing the critical steps between ERP purchase and cutover. So what follows is a bit of a roadmap and primer on successfully negotiating the ERP implementation experience.




Step One: Project Planning. Create your project plan, assemble your team, schedule your kick-off, identify project constraints and build out the technical environment.

Step Two: Policies and Procedures. Monthly and weekly meetings with the steering committee to review status, budget and escalate issues.

Step Three: Data Migration. Identify migration plan and identify static tables that will be converted vs. those that will be manually entered.

Step Four: Business Requirements Analysis. In this step you will investigate, evaluated an analyze you current business practices, identify reporting requirements, identify any external system interfaces and find those areas for improvement.

Step Five: Implementation Consulting. Schedule discovery sessions, configure the ERP solution to identified business requirements and objectives and develop any additional necessary reports.

Step Six: Training and Pilots. Conduct training based upon identified business requirements, develop end user training documentation and develop functional test plans. During piloting, use of each of those will prove out the readiness for both functional and system-wide use. First is a functional pilot; more of a focus on specific business functionality. Next up is an integrated pilot; validate the big picture and focus on the entire business flow.

Step Seven: Go Live. System cutover and final data conversion. Using your new ERP solution in a production environment.

There you have it; Manufacturing ERP implementations really can occur on time and under budget, but that requires a well thought out and proven process. 

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