A Small Gesture of Support

By: Katie Foley

After booking our annual 2016 customer conference for the Disney Swan Hotel next April, the topic of where to hold our big event night was the next item on the agenda.

Magic Kingdom?  Hollywood Studios?  Animal Kingdom?  Epcot?

Then tragedy hit Paris France.  Suddenly our agenda item became less important.  Over 120 innocent folks were brutally murdered, many more injured, while attending a concert, a football game, and enjoying a night out at the cafes of Paris.

Two years ago we felt the love and support from around the country and world for Boston after 250 were injured, 15 losing limbs, and 4 were killed in the terrorist attacks on innocent fans at the Boston Marathon.  I remember how even the smallest of gestures from around the world lifted our spirits during the days following.  Personally, I remember vividly hearing that they sang “Sweet Caroline” at a New York Yankees home game and how much that meant. 

Today we stand united with our brothers and sisters in Paris as they deal with their own tragedy.   And we try to offer our own little humble gesture of support.

Today we selected our event site for the Visibility Customer Conference 2016: Rue de Paris in EpcotWe are looking forward to seeing all of you there! 

Vive le France!


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