ERP Software Solution is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for complex and mixed-mode product manufacturers.

Through an unparalleled suite of business applications, is the leading-edge technology enterprise system that enables organizations to significantly optimize business effectiveness and dramatically enhance performance. Designed to support optimization of operational management strategies, the ERP software solution consists of integrated modules that enable effective management of customer relationships, quotes, projects, costs, material and resource planning, product engineering and manufacturing, business performance, finance and global issues, where supply chain collaboration is key to your success. provides ERP services for businesses with strategic insight, the ability to differentiate with increased productivity and the flexibility needed to achieve business goals. provides strategic advantage across the entire enterprise. Business integration, comprehensive functionality, collaborative capabilities, global features and compliance based controls enable effective decision making, increased organizational productivity and a system infrastructure optimized for profitable business growth.

The ERP system is the only internet based Enterprise Resource Planning software developed specifically to meet the unique needs of manufacturers of complex products (including To-Order, ETO, CTO, MTO, Project Based, Discrete and Hybrid). This ERP system will optimize performance throughout your extended enterprise, and it provides a precise fit to your business strategies with a quick implementation that accelerates your return on investment. is an integrated ERP solution and more. This fully integrated browser-based ERP solution cost effectively delivers the power of .NET via a traditional on-site installation or deployed over the Web as a service (SaaS). supports Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server™ databases.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM decreases costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Material and Production Planning - MPP enhances controls to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs.

Engineering & Product Life Cycle Management - EPLM effectively and efficiently innovates and manages your products and services.

Financial Management - Financial Management allows you to achieve timely financial results through automation and compliance.

Collaboration - Collaboration increases responsiveness and enables new levels of achievement in your company.

Operations Management - Operations Management simplifies the day-to-day and longer range operational tasks of complex manufacturers.

Business Performance Management - BPM allows you to consolidate data, query, analyze and present results in an organized view.

Technology - The technology provides unmatched flexibility to meet challenging demands for cost effective business operations.

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