Why I Decided to Blog

by Jack Saint 5. August 2011 11:00

As a member of the management team at Visibility, I’ve always considered our annual user conference to be the most important time of the year for me.  At the conference each spring, I get to meet many customers, spend a lot of time with them, both one on one and in group settings. I get to know them personally, learn how they’re using our product, and find out what challenges they face in their businesses.  Basically I get to listen.

After researching blogs and subscribing to many myself, it struck me that this is a good way to reach out to customers in another form.  A good way to listen, share observations, and ask for feedback and input.  And since blogs are open to the world, I can also get opinions and feedback on a variety of subjects from non-customers.

My hope is that the topics I present will generate thought and feedback, so I can listen.  Listening (and not talking!) is where I know that I can learn the most.  I enjoy looking at the world with a sense of humor, as laughter is always good for the soul, and I will do my very best to not be boring!

So with those hopes and aspirations, I enter the world of blogging!  Please humor me with your feedback, comments, and personal insight.  Let the blogging begin!

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Lauren Boyer is the Marketing Coordinator at Visibility Corporation.  She is responsible for the company blog and newsletter, press releases, marketing programs, and the annual user conference.  She joined Visibility in May of 2013 and is a graduate of Merrimack College.   Lauren can be reached at boyer@visibility.com.

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